But seriously, what are you up to?

Several years in to a traditional hospital management career a few amazing patients helped me reboot myself. They taught me about the magic of listening to the needs of end users to understand where to focus, where to improve and ultimately where to build new things. That led me to a second career as a human-design-based innovator and patient advocate. 

In my design work, I hear every day how people expect or hope for different experiences in healthcare. While I wish there weren't so many examples of those things, I'm fortunate to be able to listen and to be in a place to fix things or build new things based on what I hear. 

This is an attempt to surface even more of those pain points and to share them broadly so that others may also find sources of inspiration. 

Is this private? 

This tool does not collect any personal identification information. When you complete the bug tracker, you'll be asked some questions about what you hoped for expected, what steps you took to produce the bug, and in what setting (doctor, hospital, etc) the bug applies. 

At the very end, you may optionally fill in your zip code. We think there's a chance there may be some geographic trends. But you aren't required to fill out zip. 

One of the goals of this project is to share the data and tends back with the community here on this site.  If you feel uncomfortable about someone else seeing your story (bug), you might consider sharing fewer details. Just know what you enter in the bugtracker here will be shared with people visiting this site. 

We should also add: use this at your own risk

Where's the data?

Right now, the actual storage is on Google's Sheets. There is a data page on this site. 

As we build out the tool, we'll embed tends and analytical data from the google directly on the data page of this site. We aim to share as much here as we can. 

At this point, we plan to keep the raw data (google sheet and files) restricted to people working on the project directly.